Name: Tagha Emmaculate Shie

Many of you who pass through Paul's Computer Institute, especially Kumbo
branch know me. For you who do not know me, do not worry for you will get
to know me sooner or later as you read on.
           I schooled in CBC Jiyane, Gham Comprehension High School
Ikal, (Oku), Kom Comprehensive High School Anyajua. It has always been
my wish to study computing when I was still in the high school. Before
the end of my final year in the high school, I lost someone so dear to
me (dad) who was the only financial backbone to the family. My plans of
studying computers, furthering my education sheltered. Thank God I
succeeded in my “A” levels examination. I left OKU for Kumbo to be with my
uncle (late). He promised to help me though the help never come. I
never loose hope. One blessed morning over Radio Meteo Kumbo, I heard an
advertisement of a scholarship in to the Data Processing Department of
Paul's Computer Institute Kumbo. I quickly recalled that the other day, I
saw a postal about Paul's Computer Institute. Paul's Computer Institute
was new then in kumbo. Two things caught my attention from the poster –
“preparing for the future today” and secondly “study computer
the American way”. I had to without delay rushed to Paul's Computer
Institute to register for the scholarship. I went, filled the form and
submitted it. I was asked to come after a week. Before I could check a
week later, the results were already published. I could still remember
how I climbed the staircase and stopped by the notice board. On glancing
at it, I saw a notice titled “Scholarship Award” and my name boldly
written below it. I rushed into the secretariat with an overwhelming joy
and told the secretary that I am the one who have been considered for
the scholarship. She told me I had to start attending lectures
immediately. This was December 2001. I went home, spoke the good news
everyone was happy. I started attending lectures the following day. On this
first day, I come to know about Paul's Computer Institute very well and
about the striking offer (a computer system) by the proprietor – Mr.
Paul C. Mickelson to the most brilliant student of the year on the
graduation day. At this juncture, I had so many challenges facing me –
meeting up with my course mates since I was late and studying extremely
hard to collect this offer. Though with so many ups and downs back
home, I devoted myself to my course. Days passed by and the due date –
graduation day come. We forty – six (46) in number sat there in our
graduation robes. Everyone was anxious about the grand prize; we asked
ourselves “who will be this lucky winner?” I never loose hope for it. I
took a good number of second prizes. Others were first and third
prizes. To everyone’s greatest surprise, those with whom I have be
competiting in prizes come up for the third and second overall best prizes.
overall was to be called up by the proprietor. The hall was quiet and
everyone listening when I was called up as the winner of the day - the
grand prize (Computer System). I was happy. After graduation I had an
extended internship during which I taught the Holiday Makers
computing for two months in this same institute and was then employed
to work in the secretariat and later on teacher Microsoft Windows
operating system and Microsoft Word in the Data Processing department. Do
you know something? I was small then, naïve and even shy, but before I
finished the extended internship, I was already experienced. I worked in
Kumbo for two years and was later transferred to Bamenda January 2005.
Do you want to study computers? Paul's Computer Institute is the best
place for you. It is staffed by Microsoft Certified staff. As you study
or worked with PCI, the proprietor always encouraged you to study even
more by way of examinations (Microsoft Certification, Brian Bench and
many others). During my stay in Paul's Computer Institute, I was able to
write four Microsoft Certification examinations (MS Word, Excel, Access
and Power Point 2000) and I did succeed in all. Mr Paul, I thank you
for Paul's Computer Institute. This great institution has helped
and will still help many to study computing by way of scholarships.
Many thanks to the Lord Almighty for His guidance and protection. As I
worked, I was able to help myself and my family and I never forgot my
dream of furthering my education. Thank God, the dream is materializing. I
left Paul's Computer Institute in September 2006.
The World has been reduced into a global village, computer knowledge
don’t you need it too. Come to PCI and be satisfied with your dreams.
PCI, setting the Pace in Information Technology
I owe a debt of gratitude to the following persons and organisations.
-         Paul C. Mickelson, the proprietor of Paul's Computer
-         Victoria Mallinger
-         Michael Breiner
-         Staff/management of Paul's Computer Institute
-         Friends of Paul's Computer Institute
-         The Rotary Club
-         The Lion’s club
May God bless you all and give you long live and prosperity. If
you’ve got any doubts or question, meet me at

Tagha Emmaculate S.
Microsoft Office User Specialist
Achieve - Distinguish - Advance